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Or just phone us for an initial interview. We do all web stuff and also full web-interfaced applications - see Software as a Service.

And now you can do Blogs, Wikis and Comments.

And you can Mobilise your site - make it easily readable on small screens - by doing nothing!

And build a complete Photo Gallery of all your great pics.

Customer Information Technologies Limited, through it's Web Services division, AboutIT, specialises in Internet services. Our objective is to get you into cyberspace quickly - very quickly! And economically! And effectively! And to then support you in exploiting your new visibility. AboutIT staff are very experienced in sophisticated web server-side programming.

We even have nuclear physicists on our staff! There is not much we cannot do! But we believe in the power of simplicity. Even Einstein said, Everything should be as simple as possible, and we believe that. Our competencies mean that moving onto the web will be a simple straight forward process.

Contact Ian Mitchell at 09 585-1580 or by email. Create your website here.

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Corporate Sites 

Larger companies can enter into e-business in a tightly managed well-measured well-planned way.
Small Business Sites 
Small companies can have an e-business presence in a very effective way. We have eMarketing knowledge and experience - we can help you formulate your eMarketing campaign. We can help you contact prospects and drive them towards your site and hence to sales.
Individuals can create sites for their personal interests or professional activities.
Distributed or Extended Family Sites 
If your family does not all live close together or the younger members are on their OE use a site to keep in touch - a catalogue of photographs, a diary for the travellers, your genealogy, the kids' first drawings - you name it and put it up for all to see.
Special facilities for travellers!
You already have a site!
Our services can begin with a review of objectives and strategies. We then select the site characteristics, which will achieve the first steps effectively. We help you create an e-marketing plan. We help you with the graphics or work with your creatives. We will advise you on your e-strategy - clarifying the value a web site will bring to your company or yourself. Tell us which Services you might be interested in!


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